Domain Name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your identity on the internet (e.g. webmadesimple.ca). This is what someone types in to access your website. It can be more meaningful as it can be comprised of words. A domain name is a necessity and we can help you choose an effective name that will help you succeed on the internet.


What is website hosting?

Your website (files or pages) are stored on a remote computer, called a server, with a direct connection to the internet. It is set up to deliver web pages when anyone attempts to link to your site via any computer connected to the internet world wide.

Search Engine

What is a search engine?

A search engine is a website with a program that is dedicated to searching documents (i.e. web pages, which are HTML documents) for specified "keywords" (words that you expect a person to use to do a search) and returns the list of documents (or websites). A search engine has 2 parts: a spider and an indexer. The spider is the program that fetches the documents, and the indexer reads the documents and creates an index based on words or ideas contained in each document. We can help you to come up with the best "keywords" to describe your website to others that are trying to find you on the World Wide Web. (These "keywords" are programmed into your web pages).


Why are your prices lower than others?

Most professional web design companies charge anywhere from $1200 - $2000 (and up) for the simplest of sites. At Web Made Simple, we want to target the small business owner that only wants a "simple" site. We do not charge for all that experience like others do, we charge for what you want. Web Made Simple has resources to do the more complex fully programmed website with an integrated database backend. But again, we believe - actually we know, most small business owners do not require this to supply the information they need to attract business over the Internet and in the end to increase profit.