About Us

Web Made Simple is a Sole Proprietorship and family business. Web Made Simple may seem just like another website design company, however the experience Jeff & Kimberly O'Brien bring to the IT field spans beyond websites. With a combined experience of over 50 years, Jeff & Kimberly offer a wide range of services. Read more about our services.

With every project, you, the client, are in complete control and it's not finished until you are 100% satisfied. 


To offer business owners a professional service at a cost they can afford.

Jeff O'Brien

Website & Graphic
Design and Technical Support

Jeff has extensive experience in designing website.  When the Internet exploded as we know it now surfing with a web browser in 1993, Jeff started designing webpages a year later. With over 25 years of designing websites, we can honestly say Jeff has been around since the beginning.

Jeff also enjoys spending time with his family (wife and four children), watching movies, and playing all sports especially soccer.

Kimberly O'Brien

Coaching, Technical Trainer and Technical Writing (Bilingual)

Kimberly's formal training is in software applications, technical writing and technical training (credentials include International Technical Trainer Certification). Kimberly offers training in both official languages. Kimberly also has extensive experience in technical writing from anything from software user manuals to training courses.  Kimberly also offers certified personal, business, and group coaching.  You can read more on her website.

Kimberly also enjoys spending time with her family (husband and four children) along with reading, writing, dancing, and taking walks.